Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (English)

What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (bjj) ????

To be able to understand my dear friend, what is bjj, you must first understand the differences between martial arts, primarily attacks (striking arts), and those who primarily handles and throwing (grappling arts). The first (striking arts), to deal with the enemy using mostly punches and kicks, while the second (grappling arts), throws, takedowns, dislocations, drowning etc. Taenvonto, Karate, Kung Fu, Tai-the Moui The kick boxingk etc. the category of arts specializing in the use of shocks, while the bjj, judo, the Greco-Roman wrestling, Sambo, etc. belong to the "palaistikes" arts (grappling arts).
The techniques they use are more effective attacks from middle and far away before the attacker or the defender catching the throw down. (Note here that the majority of the complexes leads to the melee on the ground.). Things will be worse for him who knows just when to give blows accept such an unannounced attack hug "the bear" or choking grip from behind. Unlike the palaistikes arts are designed for melee, even if it reaches the ground. But what is it that makes bjj apart from other arts palaistikes?
The bjj designed from the outset as a self-defense system in Japan. When I later went to Brazil (for details see the history of bjj press here) in which the crime was (and is) a high level, bjj caused by the Gracie family several changes to make it more realistic and practical in the circumstances streetfighting and self defense. Generally we would say that the evolution of art as bjj fighting and self defense was through actual fighting in the street, and the participation of athletes in competitions without conditions (vale tudo) against other martial arts athletes, who were mostly victorious .
Unlike other palaistikes arts developed more like sports and inevitably lose touch with the real battle and self-defense.
The bjj though in recent years has given great attention to the development of athletic status to the European and World competitions of many international tournaments with thousands of entries, I never denied the real reason of existence: the knowledge of self defense. And because bjj design and developed by puny humans, contains the teaching techniques that can subdue larger opponents in size. In fact, the fighter bjj can cope with all kinds of attacks even if they come from someone who is familiar with another martial art.
The specificity of bjj but the transfer of the battle on the ground and finish there, where all other martial arts disadvantaged.
The arsenal of bjj there throwing, takedowns, handles drowning, sprains, strokes, and only those that can be used in real combat.
This makes a great bjj martial art for anyone who wants to combine physical activity with learning self-defense and why not the championship.